Corina Crump

Corina Crump

March 26th 2023 at 1:30pm - Corina Crump is a stay at home mom and small batch ceramicist (Art Barn Studio) in Gillette, Wyoming. Formerly an art teacher at both primary and secondary levels before staying at home with her two wee ones. 

Clay has been a constant in her life since highschool. From taking highschool and college courses (BFA/teaching certificate from MSU Billings) to teaching primary/secondary art and adult ceramic courses. To presently making and selling her layered pieces. 

Her recognizable style consists of brightly colored, layered collage imagery that envelops the ceramic surface. The visual gluttony creates a new story to emerge from any view point. Inspired by constant thoughts, worries, images, tasks and chaos that clutter our minds. The blank clay and brief naptime studio sessions provide an outlet to throw her thoughts onto her work in visual form. Her work is always one of a kind, fun, quirky and unique. 


Learn more about her process, and be hypnotized by her “Peel and Reveal” videos on instagram (@wyartbarnstudio) and FaceBook (wyartbarnstudio)

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